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Control and Accounting Chamber

Nurgaliev Ilnar Munirovich
Chairman of the Control and Accounting Chamber

The Control and Accounting Chamber of Kazan is a permanent financial control body. It has the status of a legal entity and is part of the structure of local self-government bodies of Kazan. The Control and Accounting Chamber of Kazan was established in 2006. The regulation of the Control and Accounting Chamber of Kazan was approved by the decision of the Kazan City Duma. The original structure of the Control and Accounting Chamber was approved on August 23, 2006. The new structure of the Control and Accounting Chamber was approved on October 26, 2012.

The subject and purpose of the Control and Accounting Chamber of Kazan is to monitor the execution of the local budget, the observance of the established procedure for preparing and reviewing the draft local budget, a report on its execution, the current operations on budget execution, the implementation of targeted municipal programs, as well as monitoring compliance with the established procedure for managing and disposing of property in municipal ownership.

In the process of implementation of the tasks, assigned to the Control and Accounting Chamber of Kazan, it implements its powers through:

  • examination of the draft budget of the City, regulatory legal acts on amendments and additions to it, municipal programs and other regulatory legal acts related to the formation and use of budget funds and other objects of property of the City;

  • organization and conduct of operational control over the execution of The city budget in the reporting year in the prescribed forms;

  • carrying out complex and thematic inspections and surveys on separate sections and articles of The city budget, long-term target programs of the city;

  • analyzing and studying violations and deviations from the established indicators of the budget, preparation and submission to the Kazan city Duma of proposals to address them, as well as to improve the regulatory legal acts governing the budget process as a whole;

  • implementation of preparation, submission of conclusions and responses to requests of bodies and officials of local self-government of the City;

  • conducting an external audit of the City’s budget performance report, including the reporting of the chief administrators of budget revenues;

  • preparing and submitting to the Kazan City Duma a conclusion on the execution of the local budget in the reporting year;

  • implementation of control over observance of the established order of management and the order of the property which is in municipal property;

  • exercise of other powers in accordance with Federal laws, laws of the Republic of Tatarstan, the Charter of the municipality of Kazan and regulatory legal acts of the Kazan city Duma.